We were recently notified about a very unusual Kijiji Advertisment so we took a look for ourselves and there it was – and still is! Somebody has offered there Whiskey A Go-Go GOLD CARD for sale at $2,000.00.

Let’s do the math.
Today’s market value of Gold is $1,685.71 Canadian per Troy Ounce. A Whiskey A Go-Go Gold card weights in at about ½ a gram, with an ounce equaling about 28 grams the actual value of the card in gold weight is about $30.10 Canadian according to the fellow who placed the ad.

The real value of the card would be as follows;
Whiskey Gold is good for a lifetime and the Canadian Male average life expectancy is currently set at 80.4 years, minus the first 19 years to become of age = 61.4 years.

The A Go-Go Gold Card life is approximately 61.4 years if you and a friend attended an average of 3 days a week that would be 312 days a year x 61.4 years = 19,156.8 days @ average cover of $7.00 =
$ 134,097.60
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